KSD 90/2-TT

The Most Advanced and Precise Pad Printer Ever Built.

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Short summary

The Most Advanced and Precise Pad Printer Ever Built.

Powerful and accurate servo motor driven pad printer

Specially designed for high-end products such as mobile phone, digital cameras, etc

Productivity is doubled with the 2-Station Turntable; print at one station while load/unload at the other

Automatic pad clean

Dwell function for better ink pick up/release; ideal for special inks such as conductive ink, metallic ink, etc

Heavy-duty S TAR ball screws

THK linear guide rail with runner blocks

Extended pad stroke guide rails to ensure stability when printing below machine base

Programmable pad stroke/speed

Programmable printing plate position

KENT patented sealed ink cup system

Dead-on printing plate registration for quick job change

PLC control with touch screen interface

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