Turbo 125

Single color automatic pad printer.

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Short summary

Single color automatic pad printer.

  • Single color automatic pad printer
  • Rigid aluminium cast machine frame
  • Platform in/out movement
  • Pneumatic power machine operation
  • Use sealed ink cup system
  • Able to use laser engraved Green plate, thin steel plate,
  • 10 mm steel plate and polymer plate
  • Dead-on printing plate registration for quick job change
  • PLC control touch screen panel
  • Automatic pad clean with programmable cleaning cycle
  • Pad stroke & speed adjustment
  • Special functions: double ink I print cycles, dwell and delay before print
  • Digital pad stroke (DPS) for variable printing depth
  • Hardened ground steel shaft with impregnated bushing ensure friction-free movement
  • High speed and smooth machine operations

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